Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sing along with the 4th Grade!

Last week the fourth graders wrote new lyrics for a traditional melody I'm sure you will all recognize.  Here are a few of their "stanzas."  Click on the music track below and try singing along with their new lyrics.

"The Non-Cool Girl"
by Sarah

I will now walk to my school
They will think that I'm not cool
Till they see my new pink pool
I can now sit on my stool

"The Hard Lock, As Hard as a Rock"
by Anne

This is a very hard lock
It is as hard as a rock
You will never open it
Because any key won't fit

"Skateboarding with my Landlord"
by Jake

I really hate to skateboard
With my really fat landlord
I think he is so so weird
With his curly big red beard

by Taite

There were two big bad loud hens
In a very cramp - ed pen
They like - ed to sing and dance
And had very tiny pants!

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