Saturday, June 12, 2010

Orff Ensemble -- "Street Song"

The Orff Ensemble performs one of the best known and most challenging pieces in the Orff repertoire. Way to go guys!

More pictures from Concert in the Park

Concert In the Park concludes my year at Third Street

Last night the year of General Music at Third Street concluded with Concert in The Park. It was a great evening. The Orff and Recorder Ensemble performed and we were joined my Michelle Kopacz's Tap & Movement and Hip Hop Groups, 5th Grade Swing Dancers under the direction of Akiko Morrison and Hannah Limb's 5th graders performing traditional Korean dances. Earlier in the day we had out first grade performance of "The Three Little Pigs" so that concludes my teaching year at Third Street.

I'll be posting some additional pictures and a video here this morning. But I also wanted to say thanks, especially to my fifth graders who will be culminating next week. Diego, Rhett, Ella, Jamie, Alex, Victoria -- I'll miss you guys. You've all come a long way as musicians and will go far, I'm certain. Good luck to you.