Sunday, March 3, 2013

Concert in the Park - "Best of Stykz"

As a bonus here's the animation Mr. Riko put together from the best 4th and 5th grade work from the technology classes.  I thought I post it here for the benefit of the Orff Ensemble, who may have too busy providing accompaniment during the show to check it out.  Enjoy!

Concert in the Park - "La Volta"

Our finale was this Michael Praetorius piece which the ensemble has played before, but I don't recall it ever sounding so sweet.  Excellent work, ensemble!

Concert in the Park - "Bird Calls"

And here's something with an entirely different feeling - "Bird Calls" by Louie.  Didn't the ensemble do a nice job with the arrangement?

Concert in the Park -- "Adrift"

One of my favorite activities every year is to take the compositions by 5th graders completed in the general music class and have them performed by the Orff ensemble.  This first of two, "Adrift" is by Cole.  Well done!

Concert in the Park - "Alla Marcia"

Our own recorder and Orff groups did an outstanding job as you see here.  Enjoy this video -- there's more to come...

Concert in the Park - "Six Energy Folk Dance"

The Concert in the Park (in the auditorium) went very well Friday night.  We had outstanding contributions from a number of teacher and students, including Melanie Lindert who was good enough to contribute this lovely bit of choreography.  Our thanks to her and to Ms. Hong and Mr. Karchmer for helping arrange things.