Sunday, March 29, 2009

Third Street Music - Concert in the Park - excerpt from "The Garden"

Here's excerpt from the musical illustration of Arthur Lobel's "The Garden" composed and performed by the First Grade.

Third Street Music - Concert in the Park - "Wise Old Owl"

This piece is based on a Mother Goose poem. The music was written by my Orff teacher, James Harding.

Excellent job, ensemble cats!

Third Street Music - Concert in the Park -- "Crows of Third Street"

This is well known, but untitled piece by Gunild Keetman, which the Orff ensemble arranged with some material of their own. We call it the "Crows of Third Street."

Third Street Music - Concert in The Park - "Ah-ree rang"

Here's a clip of the recorder ensemble performing "Ah-ree rang", the well known Korean folk song.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fifth Grade Week 9 -- Adding voices to our composition

This week in music fifth graders discussed adding additional voices to our compositions in the C pentatonic.  Specifically, we talked about adding a percussion part and a high ostinato.  An ostinato is a repeating pattern that in this case is two measures long.

We will be working on our compositions in class next week (on Thursday not Tuesday), but students should get started transferring over the work they've already done.  A few thingds to remember.

For melody -- should rise and fall and end on C.  Only use notes from the pentatonic (pictured above).

For rhythm -- in the melody use half notes and quarter notes.  No more than 4 beats per measure!

For bourdun -- pick one measure and repeat it eight times.  Should only be C and G.

For percussion part -- decide which beats you want to accent.  Use quarter notes on those beats and rests on the others.

For high ostinati -- use a two measure pattern.  Only notes from the pentatonic.  Try to use some eighth notes and rests

You can leave me questions on this blog if you need more help and I'll post my answers.  See you Thursday!

Monday, March 23, 2009

"Air" - Part 2 Complete

Recorder Cats-- here's the second part of "Air."  Try to work on this as well.

"Puer natus in Bethlehem" -- part 2

Hey recorder cats -- here's a reposting of Unit 10 from Puer natus in Bethlehem." Listen and try to play along.

Remember the show is Friday -- you should play a little everyday between now and then.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Grade Week 9 -- Getting ready for our show

This week first graders worked on perfect the music and movement "illustrations" that will help us present our story "The Garden."

Next week there will be two performances -- one on Thursday at 10 o'clock that everyone will take part in and a second encore performance that will part of the "Concert in the Park."  That show will be at 5:30 outside in the courtyard and families are encouraged to bring a picnic dinner.  We'll supply the coffee and cake.

For more details consult with your child's teacher.  Remember -- you must sign a permission form if your child is planning on taking part in the Friday show.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ms. Skaggs' class -- major/minor

Here's an especially challenging exercise by Ms. Skaggs' group -- a piece with a shifting tonal center from C to A and from major to minor.  The melody is constructed from parts of Daul's and Leena's compositions

Mr. Marks' Class - triple meter

Here's a piece by Kimberly written in triple meter. Most kids find this more challenging, but Mr. Marks' crew hung in there.

Incidentally, for those of you who detect an occasional missed note, the total prep/practice time for all three of these pieces was ten minutes or less.

Dr. Fulton's class - duple meter

Here is a composition by Evie in duple meter. All the students began with an 8 measure composition in C major.

Fifth Grade Week 8 -- Composition and Variation

I feel that I haven't had as many opportunities to post 5th grade work as I have had in other grade levels, but that changes this week.  Posted above are student compositions from three of the four classes.  Considering that all were created virtually on the spur of the moment, the results are fantastic.  Bravo Fifth Grade!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Orff Piece - First run through

Here's our new piece with the B section the ensemble created, which we put together at practice today. Sounds pretty good, ensemble cats!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

First Grade Week 7 -- Developing a Musical Story

Today in First Grade we began to analyze the Open Court version of "Frog and Toad -- The Garden." Our goal is to develop a small piece of musical theater around the story that we can present in a few weeks.

Today's lesson emphasized how the story begins , develops and ends and how this is something that occurs in music also. The kids also began to come with some ideas for how to dramatise the elements, including some very cool Frog and Toad noise improvs.

Homework -- frog life cycle worksheet

Sequence for Orff Piece

Orff Ensemble Cats -- I forgot that I was going to up load the sequence for the B section of our new piece. Listen carefully as I play each section twice and then move the entire sequence up one. We'll be working on this next week.

As for the recording of the rehearsal today, it is posted too. Click on the blog entry "Orff Ensemble -- Our New Piece" on the left side of your screen.

Ensembles -- Mark down the date for "Concert in the Park"

Ensemble families -- you should have received a letter regarding the "Concert in the Park." That information is as follows:

When: March 27th, Friday, 5:30 (call time for performers is 5:00)
Where: Dormondy Court (that's the court yard the kindergarden classes face next to the luch tables)
What to wear: Light or white tops and dark or black pants. Skirts are not encouraged as some of the Orff players sit cross legged.
What to bring -- yourselves, a blanket to sit on, perhaps a bite to eat. Recorder players -- bring your instruments.

More information to follow. Stay tuned!

"Ah Ree Rang" -- Complete

Recorder ensemble -- here again is "Ah Ree Rang." Remember you need to practice all three songs.

"Puer natus in Bethlehem" -- part 2

Here's the second part as promised.

"Puer natus in Bethlehem" - part 1

Recorder Ensemble -- here's part one of "Puer Natus" for you to practice as well. I'll post part 2 above -- you need to know both!

Recorder Ensemble -- "Air"

Recorder Ensemble Cats -- here's a reposting of the top part of "Air" -- one of three songs you should be practicing for the concert on the 27th.

Orff Ensemble -- our new piece

Here's the new piece the Orff ensemble is working on, recorded at today's rehearsal. Sounding very sweet, ensemble cats!