Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Third Grade Week 1 -- Introduction to Aerophones

On Friday we had our first meeting of third grade music.  The focus in third grade is on melody and note reading, and to help facilitate this each student is give a recorder and instructions on how to play.

Recorders are fun to play but are also an excellent introduction to aerophones in general.  Aerophones, as you might have guessed, are instruments that produce sound when blown into and includes brass instruments such as trumpets, reeds like saxophones and clarinets and, of course, flutes.  This means the kids will have a foundation should they choose to take up one of these instruments in orchestra next year.

Third graders also have an opportunity to join either the Orff Ensemble, which meets on Tuesdays before school and Recorder Ensemble, which meets on Fridays.  A number of third graders have already expressed an interest in joining one or both.  Should be a good year!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Note Tree Tutorial

Hi Fifth Graders -- here is the tutorial we looked at in class.  It should help you with the homework that is due next Tuesday.  You can make it full screen size by clicking at the center of the arrows icon on the bottom right corner.

You can also post any questions you have here -- to post you will have to become a follower of my blog, so make sure you get your parents permission.  I will try to follow up within 24 hours.  Note that my answers will also be posted here.

Nice job today -- see you next Tuesday!

5th Grade Music Week 1 -- "Hey, You, What?"

Welcome back musicians!  The 2012-2013 year in music got off to a great start today with the fifth graders learning "Hey, You, What?" -- a body percussion exercise by Keith Terry.

The goal in fifth grade this year will be for each student to compose an original piece of music in 4 parts.  To do this they will need to develop some music notation skills -- see the tutorial posted above -- but also develop their sense of aesthetics.  To that end we will be reviewing many different styles of music and discussing what sort of mood they produce.  The mood in 5th grade music today -- happy!