Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Ah Ree Rhan" -- 3 part Canon

Third graders and recorder ensemble -- in Ms. Limb's class today we talked about how well "Ah Ree Rhan" works as a canon or, as it is sometimes called, a round. You've all heard of "Row Row Row Your Boat?" Same thing here.

Anyway I made this recording of "Ah Ree Rhan" as a three part canon. Check it out.

Third Grade Week 9 -- musicianship & "Ah Ree Rhan"

I met with some the third grade classes today where we spent a lot of time talking about musicianship -- not just playing, but playing well.
This is an attitude students should try to bring to all their studies, not just music.

I'm posting some audio of the second line of  "Ah Ree Rhan."  You all have the music so try to practice this for next week -- and have a great Thanksgiving!

"Good King Wenceslas"

Recorder Ensemble Cats -- if you missed class be sure and get the music from me next week. See what you can work out from listening to this file.  The notes of the first line are G-G-G-A-G-G-D  E-D-E-F#-G-G

Recorder Ensemble -- week 5

Recorder ensemble had a very good rehearsal today as we continue to get ready for our holiday show.

I handed out some new music -- "Good King Wenceslas."  It sounded pretty good when we played through it the first time.  Let's all practice it over the Thanksgiving break.  Remember -- it's just a couple weeks to the show!

Orff Ensemble -- "Keetman Canon"

Orff Ensemble Week 5 -- Special Tuesday Edition!

This week Orff Ensemble met on Tuesday because of the holiday.  We had an excellent rehearsal and began work on the Keetman Canon, which will be our final piece for the holiday show.

I'm posting an audio clip above.  Orff cats -- be sure and listen and, as you do, visualize your mallet work. We only 2 more rehearsals before the show on the 17th.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ensembles Week 4 -- "Ah Ree Rhan" & "Arabian Coffee"

With culture day behind us (again, excellent job, Ensemble Cats) we are focusing our attention on the Holiday Show, which will be on December 17, at 5:30PM.  KDLP 3rd and 4th grade have agreed to participate and we we may get an extra special guest or two.

Recorder ensemble -- you should be working on your songs -- "Pentatonic Moon," "Bransle," "Ode to Joy" and our new song "Ah Ree Rhan" -- audio clips are posted below.  Practice please. 

Orff Ensemble -- as discussed we will be playing "Arabian Coffee" along with our other songs. Here's a sample of the two melodic parts or ostinati that make up our arrangement.  You may not be able to practice but you can listen.  Remember, if you can sing it, you can probably play it.

"Ah Ree Rhan" -- Complete

For recorder ensemble and third graders who want to move forward, here is "Ah Ree Rhan" played at performance speed.

"Ah Ree Rhan" -- first line

Recorder Ensemble Cats and Third Graders -- here is the first line of "Ah Ree Rhan" to practice with. Remember it is in a meter of 3. Also remember to take a breath at the end.

Third Grade Week 8 -- learning "Ah Ree Rhan"

This week in Third Grade recorder we began to learn "Ah Ree Rhan," a well known Korean folk song.  Recorder Ensemble is also learning this piece for the holiday show.  We also learned how to play "F,"thereby completing all the diatonic notes between C and high D.  Nicely done, Third Grade!

Homework -- Listen to the audio samples posted here and work on the first line of "Ah Ree Rhan."  I will quiz you on it next week.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Third Street Culture Day/Orff Ensemble

The 2008-2009 Orff Ensemble also debuted. Here's a brief selection:

Be sure and check out our holiday show December 17!

Third Street Culture Day/Recorder Ensemble

The 2008-2009 Recorder ensemble had its debut this weekend at Culture Day. Here's a sample:

Friday, November 14, 2008

4th Grade Bonus Audio -- "May You Grow in Your Own Sweet Way"

I used this tricky canon to illustrate a point about melody today -- and KDLP fourth grade did such a nice job, I decided to post it.  

More examples of 4th grade work

Fourth Grade Week 7 -- continuing work on our song

For a second week fourth grade worked on developing songs with original melodies.  The first part of the assignment, in which students create a melody along a line and then use that line to inspire a drawing, is for the most part complete.  Here's an example by Eunice.   Next they will be revising their melodies and transferring them to another sheet so that can collaborate with a songwriting partner.

Homework -- those who did not finish the melody strip or drawing finish please.  Everybody then needs to transfer the melody to the work sheets I gave you today.  Your lines are one and three and your partner's are two and four.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Ode to Joy" - Ms. Limb Version

Ms. Limb's class recorded this today and did a very nice job. Jazz Cat says, "check out KDLP's crazy Beethoven groove!"

"Ode to Joy" - Complete

Here's the complete version of "Ode to Joy" as we will be performing it at Culture Day and in music class next week

"Ode to Joy" - 3rd line (practice speed)

Third Graders and ensemble -- here is the third line (measures 9-12) of "Ode to Joy." The fingering is tricky so take your time!

Third Grade Week 7 -- Finishing up "Ode to Joy" and learning about performance anxiety

This week third grade learned the third and most difficult line of our "Ode to Joy" arrangement.  We also had our first performance test, which most of the students did well on. This seemed like a good time to talk about performance anxiety and how it makes playing in front of people different from practice.  Fortunately, Jazz Cat, a veteran club performer, was on hand to dispense advice.

Homework -- work on the third line of "Ode to Joy" and those who are ready can begin work on "Ahri-Rhan."  Remember -- you need to be practicing every day now.  If you don't, Jazz Cat and I will figure it out pretty quickly during the performance test next week.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fourth Grade -- more pictures of constructing melody

Fourth Grade Week 6 -- Melody lines and song writing

This week  fourth grade began one of my favorite projects where they collaborate in song writing teams to compose an original melody. The lesson was suggested by Mr. Bassett a couple of years ago and was recently modified with some suggestions from my Orff teacher, James Harding.

The process takes a few classes.  In this first stage, the students learn that melody is a line that rises and falls and almost always makes its way back to the home note.  They create a line on a 4 bar strip of music and then "plot" notes along it, using what they've learned about rhythm patterns.

Homework -- 4th grade teachers, I'll need your help with this.  Everybody needs to come to class next time with their 4 bar strip of music and a drawing based on the line.  What kind of rhythm patterns should you use?  Check your rhythm sampler for ideas.  What should you drawing be of?  Anything you want, as long as it incorporates your line.

"Pentatonic Moon" - parts 2 and 3

Third Grade and Ensemble -- in addition to the main melody for "Pentatonic Moon," which I posted in October, there are two other parts to this song which you need to learn. The good news is each is the same repeating pattern. Learn one measure and you've learned the whole part!

"Ode to Joy" - 2nd 4 measures (practice speed)

Third Graders, here's the second line of "Ode to Joy." Notice that it is almost the same as the first line -- and as you will see, it is exactly the same as the last line.

Third Grade Week 6 -- Dotted halves and more Ode to Joy

This week third graders continued to learn about how long different notes last.  As pictured, body percussion exercises are really great for teaching this...and a lot of fun too.

We also continued work on "Pentatonic Moon" and the second line of "Ode to Joy," but the highlight of the day may have been a personal appearance by Jazz Cat.  As Jazz Cat, himself, said about the experience, "it was a cool groove." 

Homework -- practice the first two lines of "Ode to Joy" and all parts of "Pentatonic Moon." Remember -- Jazz Cat and I are going to start testing you on your performance next week.

Ensembles Week 3 -- getting ready for culture day

Both ensembles had a terrific third week of rehearsal.  The recorder ensemble (pictured here at long last) continued work on the "Bransle" and "Pentatonic Moon" and took a run at "Ode to Joy," which the 3rd graders have just begun to learn in general music class.

Recorder Ensemble Cats -- you should be practicing 15 minutes a day.  Work on "Bransle," "Pentatonic Moon" and "Ode to Joy."  There are recordings of all of this music on our blog.  Simply click on the topic heading on the left hand side for the music you want to listen to.  Just remember some of them may have been posted in October.

On Thursday the Orff ensemble worked mostly on "Wise Old Owl," focusing on our arrangement for culture day.  We will be performing "Canon #1," "Wise Old Owl" and possibly one other piece in conjunction with the recorders.  We'll talk about that next week.

Parents -- both ensembles will be performing at Culture Day at approximately 11:45.  Their call time is 11:15 in the auditorium where we will warm up a bit.  I know that some children are in other performances.  Just have them check in with me so I know they are there.  For this performance there is no special dress requirements.

A letter will go home next week with all this information.