Friday, November 7, 2008

Ensembles Week 3 -- getting ready for culture day

Both ensembles had a terrific third week of rehearsal.  The recorder ensemble (pictured here at long last) continued work on the "Bransle" and "Pentatonic Moon" and took a run at "Ode to Joy," which the 3rd graders have just begun to learn in general music class.

Recorder Ensemble Cats -- you should be practicing 15 minutes a day.  Work on "Bransle," "Pentatonic Moon" and "Ode to Joy."  There are recordings of all of this music on our blog.  Simply click on the topic heading on the left hand side for the music you want to listen to.  Just remember some of them may have been posted in October.

On Thursday the Orff ensemble worked mostly on "Wise Old Owl," focusing on our arrangement for culture day.  We will be performing "Canon #1," "Wise Old Owl" and possibly one other piece in conjunction with the recorders.  We'll talk about that next week.

Parents -- both ensembles will be performing at Culture Day at approximately 11:45.  Their call time is 11:15 in the auditorium where we will warm up a bit.  I know that some children are in other performances.  Just have them check in with me so I know they are there.  For this performance there is no special dress requirements.

A letter will go home next week with all this information.

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