Saturday, December 10, 2011

Concert in the Park - Bartok Finale

Our last song of the evening was this challenge piece by Bela Bartok with the equally challenging name "Wo Die Sind Ganshehen." The kids did a outstanding job with this and all the material. Incidentally, I know that some people didn't manage to get in the videos this time around. We have so many players this year, it's hard to get them all in one frame. We'll plan that a little better for our Spring show.

No rehearsal this week. We'll resume in January after the break. Happy Holidays everybody!

Concert in the Park - "Two Three"

This Walt Hampton piece is an excellent example of the ensemble working in sections. It's a huge challenge with so many players this year, but these kids are up to it.

Concert in the Park - "Andean Tune"

Here's one of the recorder pieces. They really got a nice groove going!

First Concert in the Park of the year filled with good cheer!

Last night the Orff and Recorder ensembles were joined by Kids KOR Hip Hop and Tap & Movement classes, Music Mania and Saran Richard and the Tech TAs for full concert of the year. The mixing of new and old friends is something we try to do and it always makes for a very interesting evening. The ensembles, of course, were awesome! Here's a sample.