Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Come Let Us Gather" for recorder

Recorder ensemble members -- here's one additional video that should help you with our new song.  You will really need to know the melody well to perform it as a Canon so practice, practice, practice!  Don't forget -- our show in on November 2nd.

Three Minute Recorder 9 - F# and Bb

Hi musicians -- I am jumping ahead to lesson 9 here because it focuses partly on the
F#, a note we will be using a lot in row next few weeks.  As for the Bb, ensemble members will be using that too eventually so give it a try -- it's all good!

Three Minute Recorder 6 - Low D

And here's a review of the low D, so go ahead and review.  From here I am going to skip over a couple of videos to get to some other notes we need right away.

Three Minute Recorder 5 - High C and D


Hi 3rd Graders and Recorder Ensemble -- I have been remiss (as one of you pointed out in rehearsal) in updating my three minute recorder videos, so let's get caught up.  Lesson 5 focuses on the high C and D.  Most of you are doing this pretty well, but take a look anyway.  Remember -- your sound can always get sweeter.