Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ensembles Week 4 -- "Ah Ree Rhan" & "Arabian Coffee"

With culture day behind us (again, excellent job, Ensemble Cats) we are focusing our attention on the Holiday Show, which will be on December 17, at 5:30PM.  KDLP 3rd and 4th grade have agreed to participate and we we may get an extra special guest or two.

Recorder ensemble -- you should be working on your songs -- "Pentatonic Moon," "Bransle," "Ode to Joy" and our new song "Ah Ree Rhan" -- audio clips are posted below.  Practice please. 

Orff Ensemble -- as discussed we will be playing "Arabian Coffee" along with our other songs. Here's a sample of the two melodic parts or ostinati that make up our arrangement.  You may not be able to practice but you can listen.  Remember, if you can sing it, you can probably play it.

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