Friday, October 17, 2008

Ensembles begin -- Great First Rehearsal!

The Recorder Ensemble and Orff Ensemble had their first rehearsals this week.  The turnout for both was outstanding!

On Wednesday for recorder ensemble (and I'm sorry I don't have a picture, I forgot my camera that day) we began to learn a Renaissance piece called Bransle by Claude Gervais, which I taught to Mr. Bassett's class last year.  

Recorder players -- you should be practicing 15 minutes a day on the Gervais Bransle and you can listen to it here on this blog.  Just click on the posting that says "Bransle Audio".

On Thursday the Orff ensemble met.  Despite the fact that most students were using the instruments for the first time, they performed a very nice version of Canon #1 written by Orff himself.

Although both ensembles are a good size, I will always try to make room for motivated musicians.  Additional sign up forms for both ensembles are available in the office.

Nice job, ensemble cats!  See you next week. 

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