Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Third Grade Week 2 -- Recorders Arrive!

Today we distributed recorders to Ms. Caruso, Ms Byham and Ms. Limb's class.  Mr. Han and Ms. Tyler's students get theirs on Friday.  The kids seem pretty enthusiastic.  These excellent Yamahas are definitely an upgrade from the two whole flutes we worked with last week.

We will be learning the basics of this wonderful baroque instrument over the next several weeks. And for students who wish to take their learning a step further we will be starting Recorder Ensemble next week.

Check out the post regarding ensemble on this blog for more information.

Homework -- Practice your recorders 15 minutes a day and work on our song.  I will post some audio clips to help you.  Remember Jazz Cat's rule about practice -- 5 minutes warm up, 5 minutes working on exercises and songs, 5 minutes to do the mess around! 

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