Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Third Grade Week 5 -- Beginning Beethoven

This week the third graders began work on "Ode To Joy."  We also continued our work on "Pentatonic Moon," a song that utilizes the American Indian scale.  I brought in some Indian flutes for the kids to examine.

The round things out in a Halloween mood we played a fun chanting game that taught note durations for half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes and quarter rests.  A wonderfully spooky experience!

Homework -- continue work on Pentatonic Moon and learn the first line of Ode to Joy.  Those of you who did not do your homework from last time -- developing your own sayings for the lines and spaces on the treble clef.  Ms. Caruso's class -- also do the first line of Jingle Bells.  Ms. Limb's class -- I look forward to reading your Indian compositions.

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