Thursday, October 2, 2008

A few more pictures from week 1 of fourth grade


jsmith said...

Hey, Richard -

I am so glad to see your blog!

Joan (Stewart's mom)

Richard Lawton said...

Hi Joan!

Good to hear from you. Feel free to let other parents know about he blog so I can keep you all posted on what the kids are doing in music class.


jsmith said...

Richard, you brought up the subject about spreading the word with a PR person, so I have to reply!

I'm sure you've already read what comes up with you Google "promoting your blog ..."

But for just reaching 3rd Street parents, I think the "trickle down" effect is effective. Although teacher blogs at 3rd is a grassroots effort, I'd like to see the administration shining the spotlight on those teachers using technology in new ways.

Perhaps the principal could talk more about the benefits of teacher blogs. For example, she could acknowledge teachers who are doing blogs and their links in her monthly newsletter. She was an early proponent of using technology like email, so I think this has potential.

Many still ask, "What is a blog?" Needless to say, parents and kids need to find blogs useful tools, as well as learn how to use blogs. You have to refer to them constantly and encourage the kids to click into them on a regular basis.

Incentives to get parents and kids to click into the blog? Interactivity? You could brainstorm for ideas to keep them coming back.

Reminds me a little of university professors who are encouraged to publish. As this generation moves into teaching, these approaches will be common. ("Grandpa, you mean you NEVER had to go online for your homework assignment?")

Anyway, I've got to get back to work!


Rita said...

This is the first time I've checked out a blog. I love this, Richard. It's amazing! I look forward to keeping up with your programs through this site.

Richard Lawton said...

Hi Rita!

Thanks for checking in. Yes, I think this will be a valuable communication tool for parents.

Keep checking in.