Friday, October 17, 2008

Third Grade Week 3 -- Whole/Half/Quarter notes

This week the third grade was introduced to the concept of whole notes, half notes and quarter notes.  We learned that because half notes are half as long as whole notes, and because quarter notes are half as long as half notes, it is possible to play them at the same time in different combinations and still start and begin in the same place.

We also learned a new note -- "E" -- that requires us to use fingers from both hands.  Remember -- the left hand always goes on top.

Homework -- continue to practice "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and practice the fingerings for B-A-G and E.  You can go back to earlier posts to hear the audio for "Mary Had A Little Lamb."  For exercises on B-A-G-E, click on the audio samples entitled "B-A-G-E half notes" and "B-A-G-E quarter notes." 

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