Friday, October 24, 2008

Third Grade Week 4 -- Lift that thumb, baby!

This week in recorder class, the students learned how to recognize whole notes, half notes and quarter notes.  We also learned about the names of the lines and spaces on the staff.

With the help of my assistant, Jazz Cat, we also learned a new note -- high D -- which is the only note on the recorder where we lift our left thumb.

Learning "D" allowed use to complete the American Indian pentatonic scale so we could begin work on a new song -- "Pentatonic Moon"

Homework -- practice our notes -- E, G, A, B and D and begin to learn "Pentatonic Moon."I'll post a recording here to remind you what it sounds like.   Also, don't forget to come up with your own phrase to help remember the lines -- E, G, B, D, F -- and spaces -- F, A, C, E.

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