Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fifth Grade Week 2 -- "Do Unto Others"

This week fifth grade began to develop their first compositions, using the school rules as inspiration. I got this idea, as I did many of my more successful lessons, from my teacher and mentor James Harding. In order to develop their musical ideas, students were asked to use words or phrases taken from their "rules" to develop complimentary rhythm patterns or ostinati.

Dr. Fulton has a smaller group this year so they are a little ahead of the curve. Some of their work is posted above. Incidentally the two phrases being ostinati-zized, if that's the word, are "don't act up" and "always do your homework."

Homework -- finish or redo worksheet #1 from week 1, complete puzzle box from week 2, come to class next week with some ideas about your school rules composition.

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