Sunday, October 25, 2009

Third Grade Week 4 -- "Pentatonic Moon"

My apologies for not getting this up until Sunday night. My internet was offline until this afternoon.

This week in Third Grade music we learned a new note "high D" completing the minor pentatonic scale which is used in both Native American and Asian music. We also learned a new song using that scale -- Pentatonic Moon. I was most impressed with how quickly the kids picked up the new song and also with what a nice job they did on our improvisational version of "Little Johnny Brown." Third grade is starting to get in the groove. The remaining time we spent learning how to analyze a score -- figuring out rhythm and pitch patter.s As the kids learned this tends to go faster than you think it will, as both pitches and rhythms tend to repeat.

Homework -- finish analyzing "Pentatonic Moon" and learn to play all three parts. A recording is posted above.

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