Saturday, October 31, 2009

Third Grade Week 5 -- Skin and Bones and Score Analysis

This week in third grade we continued our work on "Pentatonic Moon" and learned a new note -- C (as in Claw and Creature). With the C we are now able to play a number of tunes, including "Bransle" handed out by Claude Gervais and Jingle Bells. We also had a lot fun playing and singing "Skin and Bones", a Halloween classic, as part of our warm up.

I am a little concerned about the number of students who are not doing their homework and are forgetting either their recorders, their folders our both. Students will be receiving a grade in music and their participation (or lack of) will be taken into account. Let's do a better job with our practicing and other homework.

Homework for this week -- practice "Pentatonic Moon" and "Jingle Bells" (Ms. Caruso's class only). Also all students need to do a score analysis for "Pentatonic Moon" and "Bransle." This means identifying the names of all the notes in all recorder parts. I'll be posting copies of both scores here later today.

Happy Halloween everybody!

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