Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Third Grade Week 1 -- Handing out the hardware

Third Grade students and parents -- my apologies, first off for getting this up so late and for not getting any decent pictures last Friday. I believe I have resolved my technical difficulties and I'll put up extra pictures for week 2.

Week 1 is the week where we discuss the development of five and six hole flutes and related aerophones in various cultures, and so it was this time around. However, I also decided to hand out the recorders, something I don't usually do until week 2. Several parents have already "thanked" me for the din, but have no fear -- we will turn it to a joyful noise very soon.

Students were also invited to join recorder ensemble, which meets before school on Fridays, the same day as their general music lesson. I am pleased by how many third graders have already signed up.

Homework -- Begin to work on "Mary Had A Little Lamb" posted above. Don't forget your recorder on Friday!

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