Friday, September 30, 2011

Fifth Grade Week 2 - School Rules

For week 2 in fifth grade music the kids were introduced to the concept of "ostinati." The word is derived from the Italian word for "willful child" -- and refers to the short, repeating rhythmic and melodic ideas that often make up the accompanying parts in polyphonic or polyrhythmic music. As the kids discovered almost any small phrase from the piece "Do Unto Others" pictured here can be broken out and turned into an additional rhythmic part, and those parts can, in turn, be transferred to melodic instruments.

I learned this lesson from my friend and teacher James Harding, and I've taught this lesson the last couple of years with fun results. Next week the kids will develop their own 2 part "school rules" piece and we will construct a little performance out of them. Should be interesting.

Homework: Complete the 5 rest equivalent problems and the puzzle box.

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