Friday, September 16, 2011

3rd Grade Week 1 -- Intro to Aerophones

Instruction began today with 3rd grader receiving their recorders and learning about how recorders fit into the historical develop of aerophones -- instruments that produce sounds by using a vibrating column of air. We began with an improvised processional using tympani, bass drum and bull roarer tubes (pictured). The students received their recorders and learned the basics of handling them, as well as their first note -- "B."

Next week we will begin learning to make additional notes and our first song. All the kids were given their first song written in "tablature" -- a style of writing music which tell not just what note to make but how to make it. I will also be posting a couple of videos here to review what we talked about today and preview what we will discuss next week. Happy tooting, students! (Parents -- my apologies ;) )

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