Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kindergarten Week 1 & 2 - Music and our senses

General music began in Kindergarden two weeks ago. (My apologies for not posting separately regarding week 1, due to camera failure). At any rate we're off to a terrific start. In week one we talked about how we use our senses to evaluate music. Using a kind of paper funnel called a sound catcher, the kids were given opportunities to listen closely to both ambient sounds and musical ones. Hopefully the experience will help them focus on the musical qualities of the material we'll be covering this year.

In week 2 we continued using our senses to make aesthetic evaluations. We also used the Jamaican folk tune, "Bam Chi Chi Bam" to study the importance of patterns in music and in our environment. In the process we reinforced an important kindergarten math standard.

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