Wednesday, September 26, 2012

5th Grade Week 5 -- Beginning our compositions

The remaining weeks in 5th grade music will be spent on our compositions -- each student will get a chance to apply what they have learned about melody, harmony and rhythm in creating a four part 8 measure piece, which we will hopefully get to play in class.  

The first goal, and this weeks homework assignment, is to create 4 measures of melody.  To that end I am posting a link to a cool online keyboard you can use.  Remember we are not using F and B's or any of the black keys.  Remember also the three elements successful melodies include:

They have contour.

They have repeating rhythm pattern.

They resolve to the home note (more on this next week).

To use the keyboard click on the link below (Note -- the keyboard can be played with your mouse or by using the middle row of keys from A to ":

Cool interactive keyboard!

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