Tuesday, March 22, 2011

4th Grade Week 10 -- Ms. Polacheck's class performs "Broccoli"

The focus of this week's final class was on arranging our songs for presentation. As the students have been learning over the course of these ten weeks, songs frequently begin and end with a very simple idea -- it is the arranging of the material -- adding variations, instrumental breaks, intros and codas and so on, that allows the material to be extended in a way that is suitable for dancing, performing and, hopefully, enjoying. The recording here is an arrangement by Ms. Polacheck's class of one of their best songs. Considering that they had about ten minutes to develop and rehearse their arrangement, I thought they did an amazing job. Use the score above to sing along.

I was sorry that preparations for the concert on Friday and other commitments made it difficult for all the fourth grade classes to fully participate today, but overall I am extremely pleased with the work 4th grade did this year. 4th graders -- are you ready for instrumental composition next year?