Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fourth Grade Week 5 -- Melody, the Line and Contour

This week's class was devoted the the idea that melody, in addition to following the rhythm pattern, unfolds in a line that rises and falls. We call this "contour." And since it is also called contour in visual art, we will be starting a project that should produce interesting melodies and drawings.

The work from other years posted here shows what I am talking about. First students drew a contour line on the musical staff paper. They then transferred that line to a blank piece of paper and createrd a color drawing around it. For the last step, the step I want to do together in class on Tuesday, they added notes along the line. Please don't do that part yet. And please remember to keep the up and down in your lines of contour reasonable.

Enjoy your three day weekend!


Ms. Watts-Lawton said...

These are so beautiful! I think what you do is absolutely amazing!!

Ms. Watts-Lawton said...

Thank you, Ms. Watts-Lawton