Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fourth Grade Week 2 -- Rhythm and Beat

My camera was on the fritz today so Mr. Bassett was good enough to let me snag this image off his blog. This week the kids turned in their first lyric writing efforts, after which we spent a lot of of time talking about the relationship between beat and rhythm. I used chopsticks on paper to illustrate this, something I do with many grade levels. Here the students are walking the beat represented by the sheets of paper while "clapping" the chopsticks, which appear on top of the beat as eighth notes (2 chopsticks), quarter notes (one chopstick), or in the case of no chopsticks, a rest.

Homework -- develop a simple 32 bear percussion piece, 4 lines with 8 beats each, where Line 1 is the same as Line 4, and Line 2 & 3 match as well. The worksheet explains what to do.

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