Saturday, December 5, 2009

Concert In the Park on December 15!

I am very excited about the upcoming Concert in Park (which like last year will actually be in the auditorium). The date is December 15, a Tuesday and our two ensembles will be joined by the kids from Dramarama who will perform a short preview of a longer program they will be presenting after the break and KDLP, who will be putting up an encore presentation of "Polar Express." It should be quite a show.

The show begins at 6PM. Recorder and Orff Ensemble members should report the the auditorium at 5:30 to warm up. As always I am asking people to wear white or light tops and dark pants and discouraging dresses for girls (Orff players sit cross-legged). Recorder players -- don't forget your recorders!

There are also a couple of extra rehearsals to know about. The remaining rehearsal schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, December 8 -- Orff Ensemble
Friday, December 11 -- Both Orff and Recorder Ensemble
Tuesday, December 15 -- Both Orff and Recorder Ensemble

Have a great weekend!

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