Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fifth Grade Week 7 -- Bourdun

Hi fifth graders -- so sorry to be putting this up late. I had a very busy week!

In week 7 we began to discuss accompanying our compositions, specifically the bass accompaniment. The bass is important as it indicates both the time we are using and what key we are in.

Above are some sample bourduns you can use for your homework this week. I will be posting the audio that matches directly above. Bourduns, as discussed in class, are made up of the first and fifth note of the scale of the key you are in (C and G, D and A and so on). You can borrow one of the rhythm patterns posted above but -- VERY IMPORTANT -- make sure you adjust the pitches to match the home note of your composition.

Homework --since I am late posting this, you can have until Monday to come up with your own bourdun. Remember, it is only one measure long.


Miran said...

This says my sister's name, but my name is Valo i am in Victoria's class... My question is that what do you do for the percussion part in my composition. I am so confused!!!

Richard Lawton said...

Hi Valo -- I'm so sorry I didn't see your post earlier. I hope the discussion in class cleared everything up today, but if not let me know. Have a great Thanksgiving.