Thursday, January 15, 2009

First week back -- ensembles begin again

I hope everybody had a peaceful and joyous holiday.

We will be beginning with music classes for first and fifth grade next week.  In the meantime recorder and Orff ensemble began this week.  As before the schedule is: 

Recorders:   Wednesday, 7:20-8
Orff:  Thursday, 7:20-8

For this week Recorder Ensemble is working on Ah Ree Rang, which I will repost and learning to play high E.

Orff Ensemble is working the Keetman Canon.  I will repost the recording I made before the holiday for you to listen to.  Next week we will begin to develop our own accompanying melodies using A as a home note (this is also known as la Pentatonic on C)

Welcome back everybody!

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