Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Adieu, Ms. Caruso, Ms. Limb and Ms. Birdy's classes!

It is hard for Jazz Cat and me to believe, but my ten weeks with the 3rd grade classes of Ms. Caruso (assisted by Ms Garcia), Ms. Limb (assisted by Ms. Lee) and Ms. Byham aka Ms. Birdy have come to an end.  I want to thank those teachers and the students for making the classes fun and, I hope, rewarding.

Today was spent reviewing some of the songs we learned and discussing how to accompany and arrange them.  To that end the kids got a chance to try out the Orff instruments they will be using a lot more in 4th grade.  Alas, the videos did not turn out.  I'll try to stop by some of the classrooms and snag some audio files later this week.

As the French (and good recorder articulators) are found of saying -- adieu, mes amis!  I hopw I see a few of you in recorder ensemble.  Ms. Caruso's class -- good luck with your Grinch thang!

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